All You Want To Know About Abacus Course

Abacus Course Overview

Maths is a subject that many students struggle with. It involves complicated thinking patterns that can only be refined through proper introduction and training in this subject. The abacus is not a new invention and has been used even before the use of the Arabic numbering system.

The use of the abacus is widespread today in many parts of the world. The use of an abacus makes the process of solving mathematical problems easier for the user. Learning maths with an abacus has become pivotal in the development of young, sharp minds. Our services enable learning of the abacus at home.

We offer abacus online practice to make sure students are obtaining a thorough abacus mental math training.


  • Improves problem solving skills

  • Sharpens concentration

  • Perform better in other subjects

  • Photographic memory

  • Makes math meaningful

  • Develops over all personality

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