Why Us

Why You Choose Maths Genius

Why Us

Access to good education for everyone

We are an IT company based in India, our niche in the education sector sets the industry benchmark. We are trained both in theoretical and experiential fronts guaranteeing your satisfaction with our services. Our track record in delivering complete turnkey solutions to quality online education through our online maths classes for kids.

High Quality Education

Some of the benefits and privileges your child will get while learning with the Abacus maths tool online include:

  • We have a tailor-made software to meet your child’s liking.
  • We have easy and attractive web version for learning.
  • We provide a cost effective tutorial with real Abacus.
  • We have an animated courses that make learning efficient.
  • Your children can study at their preferred time and pace.
  • Your children may practice on Real and Virtual Abacus tool.
  • We deliver complete training of 17 Rods Abacus tool.
  • We offer step by step guide for Abacus Beads movement.
  • We have written formats with visual explanation for every step.
  • Unlimited sessions to practice with maths calculation.


High Quality Education

Virtual Abacus System

Any time Any where Access

Makes math meaningful

Develops over all personality

  • An online training that is fully animated.
  • You get an online receipt for all payments made.
  • We have a pioneering way of learning maths.
  • You get an online certification.
  • Your child gets their personal website to learn.
  • They also get to learn with the help of animated videos and practice sessions.
  • They also get challenging games for the brain development.
  • There’s no need for you to worry about setting your time apiece the batch time.
  • Your child get the luxury of studying from anywhere.
  • You can get round the clock access via the internet.
  • We have animated videos to aid in concept conceptualization.
  • We provide your child with easy access of the Abacus tool.
  • We have animated videos to help in concept conceptualization.
  • You can get round the clock access via the internet.
  • Your child gets 1 hour Skype training upon request.
The above are just a few examples of how our new and dynamic concepts help students learn maths in a fun and entertaining way in today’s technological world. Learning is one of the most important building blocks of anyone’s future. So, make sure you go for the best online learning platform and secure your child’s future.

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